Rossendale Group Manufacturing Facilities

Rossendale Group has the capability to carry out the full manufacturing processes required to produce specialised lifting equipment products to high specifications and standards.

  • Fabrications in steel and aluminium
  • Machining
  • Coded welding
  • NDE
  • Finish and assembly
  • Electrical controls
  • Quality plan

Overhead Cranes

Rossendale Group manufactures standard and special design overhead cranes.

Overhead Runway Beams

Rossendale Group manufactures overhead runway beams, freestanding and existing structure supported.

Jib Cranes

Rossendale Group manufactures jib cranes, freestanding, column mounted, with manual or power slew.

Spreader and Lifting Beams

Rossendale Group manufactures spreader beams and lifting beams, to suit client-specific applications.

Rolling Beam Cranes

Rossendale Group manufactures rolling beam cranes, efficient manual cranes for lighter loads.

Aluminium Mobile Gantries

Rossendale Group produces a series of lightweight aluminium mobile gantries, with adjustable heights and spans.

Special Products


Rossendale Group can complete a design, manufacture, install, test, commissioning and certification project for specialist lifting equipment products.